IT Support. Reimagined

Hi, we are TenDesk.

What we do.

This is a TenDesk Space. It looks just like a normal internal tool for employees, but it is much more. Any employee with an account can request support for the product that your IT team signed up with TenDesk with, in an environment that is custom to your business.


TenDesk have made a demo of our support system which you can visit using the button below.

Disclaimer: Not all TenDesk Spaces will have sign up buttons. It is the client IT departments preference if they would like to manually add employees or add a sign up button to the web app.

Sign up.

Get Started.

Interested in TenDesk? Great! We have some of the best prices in our industry available. All plans include 20 requests per user per month. If you need more than that, feel free to email us on

Disclaimer: If an employee submits a task to TenDesk before your first monthly fee is paid, it will not be carried out.

Please note our platform is currently in beta so automated signup is not yet available. Instead, please fill out the form with the button and we will review your details and send you an email with more info within 2 hours.

ProductMonthly FeeSetup fee (upfront)
G Suite£14.99/pm£9.99
Microsoft Office£19.99/pm£14.99
Zoho One£7.99/pm£9.99

What is a setup fee?
A setup fee is a separate price for companies that have not yet set up their chosen service, and instead would like us to do it for them.

Example: ColourTech wants to set up G Suite for their business and also get our support afterwards. They would have to pay the setup fee, the monthly fee to Google (£3.70 per user) and the monthly support fee to us (£14.99 total)

Thank You!

Thanks for choosing TenDesk! Here is what is going to happen now:

1. We will review your form submission and get back to you within 2 hours with more details we will need such as an administrator account for your chosen product.

2. We will create your TenDesk space and send it to you within 48 hours for your review. We will also send a recurring payment link so you can pay us without hassle.

3. We will send you the Space link and you and your employees can start using your Space.